IAPEIndependent Association of Publishers Employees
IAPEInternational Association for Property and Evidence
IAPEIsraeli Association for Program Evaluation
IAPEIstituto di Antropologia Personalistica Esistenziale
IAPEInformation Age Park Ennis (Ireland)
IAPEInstitut für angewandte Pleomorphismologie und Endocytobiologie (Germany)
IAPEInstitute for Applied and Professional Ethics (Ohio University)
IAPEIndian Association for Preschool Education
IAPEIndustrial Applications of Power Electronics
IAPEInstituto Angolano de Participações do Estado
IAPEInter-American Policy Exchange (Manhattan Institute)
IAPEInternational Action Plan for Earth
IAPEInstituto Apoio Programas Estágio (Brasil)
IAPEInternational Academy for Private Education (Newport News, VA)
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The Company further announced that, assuming the tentative agreement is ratified, it will also make $1,000 lump sum payments to approximately 2,600 eligible nonunion employees which, when added to the $1,000 bonus that the Company paid to nonunion employees in December 2003, will equal the lump-sum payments for IAPE represented employees under the tentative agreement.
The paper is inviting those affected by the move to reapply for 24 positions that will be created in New York though half of them, notes the IAPE, are non-guild jobs.
There are problems that we still have with this contract," the Times quoted Steve Yount, the IAPE president, as saying.
This new contract acknowledges the indispensable contributions made by IAPE employees while reflecting the competitive realities of the current business environment.
The company said should the IAPE ratify the contract, the total cost of the bonus would be about $5 million, or four cents per share.
Although IAPE indices are most commonly used to evaluate precision among age determinations, IAPE does not test for systematic differences and does not distinguish all sources of variation (Hoenig et al.
Early this afternoon, a statement emerged from IAPE President Steve Yount, declaring that the union is "disappointed with the apparent decision by key Bancroft family members to support the sale of Dow Jones & Company to News Corp.
5% in vertebrae with 2 to 17 bands and the average IAPE for the overall sample was 2.
The values of the IAPE and the CV suggested that the precision levels obtained are according to the reference point values indicated by Campana (2001).
No matter what happens with the ownership of Dow Jones, IAPE will continue to fight for a Quality Contract.
IAPE = 1/N [summation of](1/R[summation of]([absolute value of [X.