IAPEIndependent Association of Publishers Employees
IAPEInternational Association for Property and Evidence
IAPEIsraeli Association for Program Evaluation
IAPEInformation Age Park Ennis (Ireland)
IAPEInstitut für angewandte Pleomorphismologie und Endocytobiologie (Germany)
IAPEInstitute for Applied and Professional Ethics (Ohio University)
IAPEIndian Association for Preschool Education
IAPEIndustrial Applications of Power Electronics
IAPEInstituto Angolano de Participações do Estado
IAPEInternational Action Plan for Earth
IAPEInter-American Policy Exchange (Manhattan Institute)
IAPEInternational Academy for Private Education (Newport News, VA)
IAPEInstituto Apoio Programas Estágio (Brasil)
IAPEIstituto di Antropologia Personalistica Esistenziale
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There are problems that we still have with this contract," the Times quoted Steve Yount, the IAPE president, as saying.
The Company further announced that, assuming the tentative agreement is ratified, it will also make $1,000 lump sum payments to approximately 2,600 eligible nonunion employees which, when added to the $1,000 bonus that the Company paid to nonunion employees in December 2003, will equal the lump-sum payments for IAPE represented employees under the tentative agreement.
Assuming ratification by the IAPE membership in that timeframe, the lump-sum payments are estimated to add roughly $4 million of incremental pre-tax expense in the second half of 2004.
IAPE is also exploring the possibility of a formal strike for the first time ever, forming a committee to explore the issue and poll members.
This new contract acknowledges the indispensable contributions made by IAPE employees while reflecting the competitive realities of the current business environment.
The company said should the IAPE ratify the contract, the total cost of the bonus would be about $5 million, or four cents per share.
IAPE Secretary-Treasurer Virgil Hollender said, "The company's bargaining representatives have informed us that we need to change the minds of management if we think that their contract proposals are unreasonable.
Although bands were readily discernible in most samples, the inexperience of one of the authors (reader 2) in reading and counting vertebral bands likely led to the higher IAPE and systematic bias.
IAPE and Dow Jones are in the ninth month of bargaining a new contract to replace a three-year agreement that expired at the end of January 1993.
An upper limit for the IAPE was arbitrarily set at 15% for each vertebra.
The IAPE between the final readings of the primary reader and the initial readings of the secondary reader was 7.