IAPHInternational Association of Ports and Harbors
IAPHInstitute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health (Canada)
IAPHInternational Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts (Cambridge, England, UK)
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During the conference, IAPH Secretary General Susumu Naruse said that the Association was a wonderful forum for ports around the world to collaborate and share their experiences.
He said sharing the responsibility enables the IAPH to develop partnerships, which is one of five strategic directions of the institute.
Kemmsies also gave a compelling speech at the IAPH conference where he outlined the opportunities and challenges for shippers seeking to break into the South American market.
Under Knatz, who chairs the WPCI and is the current president of IAPH, the Port of Los Angeles has been instrumental in developing the global index.
Southern California ports are leading the way on the "clean trucks" front, too, as the IAPH seeks to establish new global standards for drayage.
Este cuadro, junto con un pequeno informe sobre su gestacion, fue publicado por mi en el Boletin del IAPH en el ano 2001.
It also speaks to a broader environmental ethic uniting an industry that has made major strides in combating pollution and is committed to making more progress going forward, said Knatz, who is also the current president of IAPH.
Project details: The objective of the project is to promote human exchange and economic revitalization in environmentally friendly manner by encouraging the visit of cruising vessels to ports within the regions of APEC in collaboration with IAPH.