IAPPSInternational Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (Lincoln, NE)
iappsInteractive Applications Group, Inc
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With a background in IT and telecommunications, Beverley is joined at Special iApps by her husband and chief technology officer, Colin, and Barbara Lowe, head of design and photography.
The Outstanding Social enterprise Award went to Special iApps - a company which develops educational apps for children with special educational needs, including autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and hearing impairments.
As part of Impinj's Early Partner Access Program xArray reader/antenna is added to its list of supported devices in the recent Cobalt release of its iApp Software.
Since launching on iAPPS, we are truly able to leverage our website as a customer engagement and lead generation platform and take our digital engagement strategy to the next level.
iAPPS is the app developer for sParks* with content provided by NParks.
Bridgeline Software Inc (Nasdaq:BLSW) has released iAPPS v2.
So is there a place for 'The Little Mac iApps Book' which acts as a guide to these services and applications?
Iapps has a staff of 30 people and is headquartered in Washington, D.
Individual iApps leverage easy-to-use templates to associate specific sets of services with single, per-application policies that are portable--even as the application itself moves beyond the walls of the physical data center.
The organization will use iAPPS Commerce's cutting edge eCommerce capabilities to help increase sales across their North American distribution channel.
It took iAPPS a total of four months from conceptualisation to final product rollout, culminating with the SGRating app's soft launch on 22 January 2013.
Bridgeline's iAPPS Product Suite is the industry's leading Web Experience Management (WEM) solution and the only WEM platform available in either a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or self-hosted (perpetual) license that unifies Content Management, eCommerce, eMarketing, and web analytics capabilities - enabling users to swiftly enhance and optimize the value of their web properties.