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With the mobile app, clients can use their smartphones and tablets to perform essential tasks including: 1) Receiving instant alerts when reports are available, 2) Reviewing all project documents including reports, chain of custody, and invoices, 3) Confirming requested services, turnaround times, and reporting due dates, 4) Accessing address, directions, and accreditation certificates for each of EMLab P&K's lab locations, 5) Contacting their dedicated EMLab P&K Project Manager, 6) Accessing EMLab P&K's IAQ Pocket Reference Guide, and 7) Browsing EMLab P&K's fungal glossary/library.
The IAQ work we are doing with the Swedish Olympic team is based on ten years of discussions involving the SOC, its medical team, and Camfil," says Anders Hedstrom, the Global Manager, Indoor Air Quality, at Camfil.
We have launched many region-specific IAQ products and solutions and received encouraging feedback from the customers," Shigehiro Uchiyama, director of Panasonic Ecology Systems Company Limited, told
While some studies have estimated the economic cost of poor IAQ in terms of health and productivity (Mudarri, 2010a), few have estimated market expenditures and jobs associated with the IAQ products and services.
The IAQ conferences have had a history of addressing specific themes and attracting the world's most authoritative experts on indoor air quality, as well as the most up-to-date technical and practical information on the subject.
It was stated that the air distribution and direction play the more important role in the airborne-infectious-disease management; good IAQ starts with building design.
Poor IAQ is caused by air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals that emit from common products and materials.
While these contaminants are clearly adverse to the health Of employees, a busy CEO may consider the risks to be minor and may choose to make an investigation of IAQ a low priority.
The Earth-Guard IAQ program includes free on-site assessment and educational tools.
A researcher at California's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in one of the early efforts to relate IAQ affects to health and productivity, established a baseline for quantifying benefits from improved IAQ and demonstrated that improvements in IAQ can:
This is important, given that schoolchildren are estimated to experience 7-10 colds each year (Johnston and Holgate 1996) and that improved IAQ and ventilation may reduce the airborne transmission of viruses (Myatt et al.