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IARIgnore All Rules (Wikipedia)
IARInternational Animal Rescue
IARInstitute for Aerospace Research
IARInstitute of Audio Research (New York, NY)
IARInvestment Advisor Representative
IARInfantry Automatic Rifle (US Marine Corps)
IARInstitute for Agricultural Research (Nigeria)
IARInterim Assistance Reimbursement
IARInstruction Address Register
IARInitial Assessment Report
IARInitiative for Architectural Research
IARInitial Address Reject (ATMF)
IARIndependent Annual Review
IARInventory Adjustment Report
IARIn A single Round (gaming)
IARInternational Association of Rubberists
IARIon Assisted Reaction
IARIndependent Assessment Report
IARInvestment Analysis Report
IARIndependent Applied Research
IARIrradiation Anneal Reirradiation
IARInstantaneous-to-Average Power Ratio
IARIntelligence Area of Responsibility
IARInternal Anomaly Report
IARInteroperability Assessment Report
IARIndependent Architecture Review
IARInter-Agency Rate
IARIncident/Accident Report
IARIntegrated Avionics Racks
IARImagery Analysis Report
IARInstruction Access Register
IARInitial Address Register
IARInertial Attitude Reference
IARI am Revolution (band)
IARInstruction Approval Release
IARImmediate Air Request
IARISDN Automatic Recall
IARIllinois Auto Racing
IARInstitute for American Relations
IARInternal Assessment Review
IARInventory Adjustment Rate
IARImmediate-Phase Asthmatic Reaction
IARIntra-Area Routing (Cisco)
IARInformacyjnej Agencji Radiowej (Polish: Radio Information Agency)
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We are happy to partner with IAR Systems around our 8051 microcontroller cores, says Nikos Zervas, chief operating officer for CAST Inc.
Additional integration with external tools is the added custom argument variables which can be used in IAR Embedded Workbench for RL78 when sending arguments to an external build tool.
Included with the kit are a 64KB-limited license as well as a time-limited license of IAR Embedded Workbench for RX.
To create products that truly deliver on the vision of the Internet of Things, we have chosen to work with IAR Systems," said Bernard Aboussouan, Vice President of Marketing, GainSpan.
More than half of the RX200 devices fit into the 256 KB limit of the Baseline edition of IAR Embedded Workbench, and in addition a number of the high-performance RX600 devices are covered.
The IAR Embedded Workbench is a powerful set of essential build and debug tools for embedded projects using both C and C++.
IAR Systems, Lars-Erik Stenkil, Business Development Manager, Tel: +46 36 345000, E-mail: lars-erik.
The powerful optimizations provided by IAR Embedded Workbench deliver outstanding performance for a Kinetis microcontroller," says Geoff Lees, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale's MCU business group.
The IAR C/C++ Compiler for RH850 contains several levels of optimizations, generic as well as low-level processor-specific, generating very compact, fast performing code.
This achievement confirms that IAR Systems provides the industry-standard tool suite that best enables developers to generate the most compact code.
While the proprietary IAR Embedded Workbench IDE is tailor-made for embedded development, intuitive and easy-to-use, the open-source Eclipse IDE provides flexibility through its extensible framework and the ability to interoperate with a large ecosystem of supplementary tools.
com/en/About/Pressroom/Press-releases/2012/7/IAR-Systems-earns-best-ever-CoreMark-scores-on-STMicroelectronics-STM32-ARM-Cortex-M4/) version of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, these results are improved by as much as 13 percent.