IARCSCIndependent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (Afghanistan)
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He added their responsibility was to choose an efficient teacher and the IARCSC was to check answersheets and announce results.
The IARCSC catalogs positions into eight categories.
One district governor failed his IARCSC administered exams, yet was still appointed due to extenuating circumstances in the district related to security and development.
IARCSC acting head Azizullah Wagrai said 9,512 workers and officials had been appointed at the Kandahar office, where 530 vacancies remained vacant.
Remarks of IARCSC officials came days after the Afghanistan Ulema Council said women observe hejab and avoid meeting men at offices and schools and other public places.
Jabarkhel considered appointments made on recommendations of the local administration as violative of IARCSC Selection Board's law.
In the wake of this controversy, administrative head of IARCSC central office Dr.
The appointment of an acting IARCSC head amounted to a bare-knuckle shot at sacking her, she thought.
But Rasikh, repudiating the allegation as groundless, scorned the impression that the IARCSC chief was unaware of the $10,000 swindle.
Manoj Basnyat, UNDP country director said that UNDP has been supporting the Civil Service Leadership Development (CSLD) project for last four years through IARCSC and have trained over six hundred civil servants on leadership and management with 10 per cent of the participants were female.