IASSInternational Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (est. 1959; Madrid, Spain)
IASSInternational Association for Semiotic Studies (est. 1969)
IASSInternational Association of Survey Statisticians (Libourne, France)
IASSImporter Activity Summary Statement
IASSImage Access Services Specification
IASSIntegrated Amplifier and Speaker System
IASSIntelligence Analysis & Support System
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Jinnah is the first Pakistani Airport to be equipped with IASS data-collection software, though Islamabad, serving the country's capital, is not far behind.
This work was funded by the IASS project, grant agreement number 313978 of the commission of the European Communities, European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.
The airline stated that the parties include trade unions representing Aer Lingus members of the IASS as well as Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) and trade union representatives of DAA staff.
An important factor shaping our response to this request was that IASS is a major centre for social work education and, indeed, is the longest established academic provider of social work qualifications in the UK.
For the May and November 2009 P8 sittings, the following standards are examinable: IASS 1 **, 7, 18, 19, 21,27-29, 31-33, 37 (only in the context of environmental costs) and 39; and IFRSs 1,2, 3 **, 5 (only in respect of subsidiaries held for disposal), 7 and 8.
But the meetings which anticipated the foundation of the IASS seem, in contrast to the later growth of global international conferences, to have all the hallmarks of more exclusive, homely and collegial gatherings of the earlier part of the 20th century.
And, unlike IBM and Sun, IASS has fully supported the Apache Web Server and Netscape since 1996.
Fifty years of progress for shell and spatial structures; in celebration of the 50th anniversary jubilee of the IASS (1959-2009).
It also noted that Ryanair was the only major investment that made money for the IASS last year.
Under the terms of the five-year BPA, KCG information assurance experts will support the TSA IT Security Office, the Director of IT Security, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer with independent IASS and direct related support services.
Der visionare Charakter und die zentrale Aufgabe des IASS lassen sich wie folgt zusammenfassen: Wissen soll als wesentlicher Treiber und Katalysator notwendiger Transformationsprozesse wirksam gemacht werden, was wiederum das Wissen uber die Prozesse vertieft.
Independently, using global figures as well as detailed data from its own reporting systems, the UK Civil Aviation Authority reported to the IASS that loss of control tops its list of risks for catastrophic accidents.