IASSWInternational Association of Schools of Social Work
IASSWIllinois Association of School Social Workers
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The agenda was developed by IASSW, IFSW, and the International Council on Social Welfare.
at the points where people interact with their environments" (IFSW & IASSW, 2004, p.
As noted in the Ethics in Social Work, Statement of Principles, "Social workers should promote the full involvement and participation of people using their services in ways that enable them to be empowered in all aspects of decisions and actions affecting their lives" (IFSW & IASSW, 2004, p.
The IFSW's conference theme is A World out of Balance: Working for a New Social Equilibrium while IASSW will focus on Growth and Inequality.
They are not a set of rules to be rigidly adhered to (Gray, 1995; IFSW and IASSW, 2004, para.
Incorporating more discussion of the international Statement of Principles, which includes a broader social perspective such as viewing the individual "within the family, community, societal, and natural environments" (IFSW and IASSW, 2004, para.
The international ethical principles provide guidance on appreciating culturally based choices that do not violate the rights of others (IFSW and IASSW, 2004).
Looking beyond our borders at the international level in 2004 both the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) adopted the Ethics in Social Work, Statement of Principles (IFSW & IASSW, 2004).
towards an inclusive society" (IFSW & IASSW, 2004, pp.
Aiming to increase the knowledge of social workers and to cement the values of social workers across the globe, the Ethics of Social Work statement identifies seven international human rights declarations and conventions agreed to by United Nations member states that are "relevant to social work practice" and "accepted by the global community" (IFSW & IASSW, 2004, p.
Carolyn Noble (UWS Macarthur, Sydney) met Shirley at the IASSW conference in Washington in 1992.