IATPInstitute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
IATPInternet Access and Training Program
IATPInteractive Agent Transfer Protocol
IATPInternational Association of Trauma Professionals (Sarasota, FL)
IATPIllinois Assistive Technology Project
IATPInternational Airlines Technical Pool
IATPIndependent Asbestos Training Providers (UK)
IATPIndividual Aircraft Tracking Program
IATPI Aim To Please
IATPIndividual Antiterrorism Travel Plan
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WTO COOL Ruling" (20 October 2014), IATP Blog, online:
Under a series of agreements, members of IATP share aircraft components, tools, ground assistance equipment and manpower in the event of breakdowns and to handle line maintenance tasks when needed by an aircraft belonging to a member airline.
The IATP and CFS said the additives are commonly used in poultry production to induce faster weight gain and create the appearance of a healthy colour in meat from chickens, turkeys and pigs.
And Americans ingest a ton of it: The IATP report suggests that 19-to-20-year-olds consume about 60 grams of HFCS per day, while 12-to-18-year-olds consume "about 70 grams, or 40% more than a 50 gram per day 'average,'" according to the IATP report citing the National Health and Examination Survey that tracks the fructose consumption patterns of American adults and children.
Peace Coffee was founded by IATP in 1996 to help jumpstart the Fair Trade movement.
According to IATP, the report also finds that agribusiness firms are already investing "heavily" in Brazil and the Central American region in an effort to take advantage of the CAFTA ethanol provisions.
The IATP report calls for a moratorium on offshore aquaculture development until national legislation, including comprehensive and transparent regulations, are adopted.
Like similar groups, the IATP is funded by foundations that impossibly want to preserve traditional American small farms in an era of high-paid, high-tech urban jobs.
IATP director Mark Ritchie believes there are "lots of problems that still need solving at home," however with GATT "we had to work together.
The German ISSC PLUS certification and the American Working Landscapes Certificate from IATP require compliance with criteria such as no artificial irrigation in drought-prone areas, strict requirements for pesticide use, and no genetically modified plants.
An IATP report on this ethanol complication said that if Central American countries convert Brazilian ethanol into fuel for the US market, 240 million gallons of ethanol could be exported to the US tariff-free in 2005.