IBFANInternational Baby Food Action Network
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IBFAN (2014b), 'Why Non-Binding International Regulatory Instruments Do Not Work: A Case Study on Breastfeeding Protection', available online: http://breastfeedingandhr.
During the monitoring process, Action and IBFAN representatives found free baby milk supplies in eight nations -- Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Taiwan and the United States.
with samples of packets of Nestlac and Cerelac," a March 1993 IBFAN monitoring report states.
In Bangladesh, shantytowns were filled with Nestle Lactogen tins that poor women said had been donated to them, IBFAN reports claimed.
And Wyeth samples were still being distributed through out the world during 1993, IBFAN and Action found.
A press release from May 10, 2002, on the IBFAN website (www.
Most baby food manufacturers are continuing their unethical promotional activities whilst claiming to abide by the International Code," reports IBFAN, which publishes a tri-annual report that monitors company compliance with the code.
So much of the monitoring actually is done by civil society organizations, in particular by IBFAN [the International Baby Food Action Network].
Richter: For the details, it would be good to address that question to IBFAN, because they have worked so much on the Code.
IBFAN always tried to pressure and support UN agencies and governments in establishing legal frameworks for marketing of breast milk substitute.