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IBISInternational Benchmarking of the Information Society
IBISIn Body Image Stabilization (photography)
IBISInternational Business Information Systems
IBISInput Output Buffer Information Specification
IBISInteragency Border Inspection System
IBISIssue-Based Information System
IBISI/O Buffer Information
IBISIntegrated Botanical Information System (Australia)
IBISI/O Buffer Information Specification
IBISInput/Output Buffer Information Specification
IBISInteroperability in Business Information Systems
IBISIntegrated Business Information System
IBISInteractive BodyMind Information System
IBISIntegrative Bodymind Information System
IBISInteragency Border Inspection Services
IBISInternet-Based Information Systems
IBISIllinois Bibliographic Information Service
IBISInter-Banken-Informations-System (German electronic securities trading system)
IBISIntegrated Biodiversity Information System
IBISInvasive Bacterial Infections Surveillance (EU)
IBISIndependent Bonn International School (Germany)
IBISInternational Book Import Service
IBISImager on Board INTEGRAL Satellite
IBISInternational Business Information Services (various locations)
IBISInterferometric Bidimensional Spectrometer
IBISInstitute for British-Irish Studies
IBISInfo Botswana Internet Services
IBISInstitute for Business and Industrial Statistics (University of Amsterdam)
IBISImproving Behaviour in Schools (UK)
IBISImage Based Information System
IBISIon Beam Information System
IBISIntegrated Broadcast Interaction System (interactive satellite digital TV)
IBISINSEAD Business in Society
IBISInterfaces for Bilingual Information Systems
IBISIrsky Batch Inquiry System
IBISInternational Book Information Service
IBISIntelligent Bus Information System
IBISInternational Birth Defects Information System
IBISIrritable Bowel Information & Support (of Australia, Inc)
IBISInternet Borrower Inquiry Services
IBISIntegrated Bayesian Inference System
IBISIntegrated On-Board Information System (European specification of a data bus for public transportation vehicles)
IBISItem Banks Infrastructure Study
IBISIntegrated Ballistic Identification Systems (ATF)
IBISIntegrated Blade Inspection System
IBISIntegrated Billing Information System
IBISIntegrated Battlespace Intelligence Server
IBISInflight Blade Inspection System
IBISInvestment Banking Industry Scholars
IBISInteractive Battlespace Intelligence System
IBISInternational Baccalaureate Information System
IBISIntegrated Information Business Systems (consulting firm)
IBISInstrument for Biological Investigations in Space
IBISIntegrated Bus for Intelligent Sensors
IBISIntegrated Battlespace Intelligence Segments
IBISImaging Background Limited Infrared System
IBISIntelligent Banknote Identification System
IBISImpulse Center Business in Society
IBISIntegrated Billing System
IBISInstitute of Balanced and Integrated Spirituality
IBISIndustrial Bin Information Systems (Prince George, British Columbia, Canada)
IBISIntegrated Broadband Information Service
IBISICAO Birdstrike Information System (aviation)
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Ibis Styles Al Jaddaf will be developed in close proximity to the upcoming Cultural Village project alongside other well-known retail destinations in Dubai such as WAFI Mall, Deira City Center and Dubai Festival City.
In 2013, 52% of the Group s openings were made under the ibis family umbrella versus 39% in 2012.
Ibis Bali Kuta caters to the needs of business and leisure travellers alike, providing accommodation and services that deliver the best value for money in the economy market category.
Nusrat will be supporting Bruno as the hotel manager for ibis Sharq.
The daily fare for an Ibis room comes to $82 a night in France, $34 in Austria and $25 in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.
The other three chicks hatched from eggs laid by Mei Mei, another crested ibis who came from China last year.
The money will be mainly used to build a 10-room ibis house and a culture pond northeast of the center for breeding mudfish, the ibises' food, the officials said.
The 'Ibis Pillow Fight Party' has assigned different pillow colours to the different brands - Ibis, Ibis Styles and Ibis Budget, and allows fans to create their own pillow designs.
What we are doing with ibis is reinventing economy hotels by setting a new standard.
Personnel at the Sado Crested Ibis Conservation Center plan to collect the egg laid Sunday by the ibis Yang Yang on Tuesday for artificial incubation, they said.