ICABSIFLA-CDNL Alliance for Bibliographic Standards
ICABSIrish Council against Blood Sports (Ireland)
ICABSInternational Conference on Adaptive Business Systems
ICABSInternational College for Advanced Buddhist Studies (Tokyo, Japan)
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De forma especifica, ICABS se ocupa de avanzar en el campo de la preservacion de informacion digital, a traves de la Tercera Linea de Accion, que incluye a su vez, cuatro areas de trabajo:
Dentro de ICABS, la Biblioteca esta desarrollando una serie de proyectos entre los que queremos destacar por su importancia dos:
In 1997, ICABS presented to the then Minister for Agriculture, Joe Walsh, a hunt video showing a fox being pulled from the earth with a terrier biting into the top of its head.
Department of Environment reports, obtained by ICABS under the Freedom of Information Act, confirm that no coursing season goes by without such incidents.
The ICABS and Mr Hardiman claim they have seen many foxes dug out and then thrown to the hounds.
The spokeswoman for ICABS said: "Agiculture Minister Joe Walsh only brought in the code of conduct after we showed him a video of a pack of hounds tearing a fox to pieces.
But ICABS spokeswoman Aideen Yourell said: "It's utterly appalling in this day and age that Aer Lingus should callously promote the killing of animals for fun and entertainment.
The ICABS has now called on the Gardai to investigate the incident.
ICABS said that when they told Aer Lingus's customer relations office the offer was removed.
But they will be met again this year by more than 100 protesters from the Cork branch of the ICABS.