ICAPPIntellectual Capital Partnership Program
ICAPPInternational Congress on Advanced Nuclear Power Plants
ICAPPInternational Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing (IEEE)
ICAPPIowa Child Abuse Prevention Program
ICAPPInternational Conference for the Advancement of Private Practice
ICAPPIntegrated Conventional Ammunition Procurement Plan
ICAPPInternational Circum–Arctic Paleoclimate Program
ICAPPInteractive Configuration Management and Procurement Program
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We note that since we formed ICAPP in Manila in 2000, ICAPP now counts some 350 ruling, opposition, and independent parties from 52 countries in Asia, and the Korean Workers Party of North Korea is a member of ICAPP.
The ICAPP is hosted by Iran's Islamic Coalition Party, and will be attended by some 100 leaders, secretary generals and senior officials of 40 parties and political organizations from 25 Asian countries, as well as officials from some regional and international organizations.
The Chairman of ICAPP, former Speaker of the Philippines, Jose de Venecia, praised Colonel Amjad Hussain as a 'great Asian', since he served with distinction as Pakistan's first Military Attache to Indonesia and also visited China on the invitation of the Communist Party of China.
After the inauguration of this Conference President Rajapaksa was appointed as the Chairperson of the ICAPP for next 2 years.
He assured that all the ICAPP members stand solidly behind their Palestinian brothers in their just struggle of the realization of their rights.
The second meeting will be that of the Women's Wing under the theme 'Women Politicians' Role in Building an Asian Community' and chaired by Hon (Dr) Sudharshanie Fernandopulle, MP, followed by a meeting of the ICAPP Youth Wing under theme 'Young Politicians' Role in Building an Asian Community' chaired by Hon.
We in ICAPP note with much positive interest the plan of the MILF, which has fought the central government for many decades, to establish a political party, which we hope would usher in demobilization, the surrender of firearms to a designated neutral entity, and the eventual integration of MILF insurgents into the Philippine armed forces," ICAPP said.
The two regional initiatives, ICAPP and NIARSH, are working with African countries to intensify national plans, learn more about the determinants of sexual behavior, assess service demands among their beneficiaries, and share these lessons regionally to strengthen capacity.
We in ICAPP note that as Iran plays a critical role in the One Belt One Road (OBOR) Initiative, the theme of the Conference, even with the 2010-2016 sanctions, major Asian countries continued working with the Iran economy, and growth has began to broaden even to the non-oil sector.
The 29th meeting of the ICAPP is hosting political figures from Iran and other countries are attending the event.
President Rajapaksa also addressed a special conference of ICAPP in Shnxi Province during his state visit to China in May 2013.
We in ICAPP campaigned in 2004 in the UN General Assembly, in the UN Security Council, in other halls of the UN in Europe for an inter-faith, inter-cultural, and inter-civilizational dialogue with our proposal to create an Interfaith Council in the UN or at least a focal point in the Office of the UN Secretary General, at a time when discussion of religion was somewhat taboo within the UN system.