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ICASAIndependent Communications Authority of South Africa
ICASAIllinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault
ICASAInstitute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis
ICASAInternational Consortium for Agricultural Systems Applications
ICASAInstitute of Construction and Architecture-Slovak Academy of Sciences
ICASAInternational Conference on Aids and Sexually Transmitted Dieases in Africa
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Significant changes in prices were observed in the weeks following the South Gauteng High Court ruling (15) which enforced the new 2014 MTR regulation in South Africa for the six months that ICASA was given to conduct the necessary costing study to adjust the rates.
According to the report, the offenders were identified and were issued warning by ICASA to get the equipments cleared by the authorities.
The fact that this matter was finally heard in the Competition Commission following several failed attempts to have it dealt with by the sector regulator, ICASA, is testimony to the flawed institutional arrangements in the sector that has compromised regulatory effectiveness.
Shanapinda said that one of the main reasons for engaging ICASA, is to tap into the knowledge, resources and experiences of ICASA, which has been in existence for much longer than CRAN.
ICASA 2011 covered topics such as: Translating knowledge into practice: country experiences of implementing early infant diagnosis and treatment; Family focused HIV prevention amongst children, with presentations such as: Extent of exclusive infant feeding among HIV positive women in selected PMTCT (preventing mother-to-child transmission) sites in resource poor settings in Nairobi; Traditional birth attendants: a force to reduce mother to child transmission and enhance maternal and newborn child health in Kenya.
Tambien hicieron presencia ejecutivos de Ecopetrol, Ministerio de Defensa, Banco de la Republica, Instituto Nacional de Radio y Television, Telecom, Empresa de Energia Electrica de Bogota, ICA, Banco Cafetero, Banco de Bogota, Colmena, Banco Ganadero, Avianca, Ladrillera Santa fe, Icasa, UTC, Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros, Colseguros, Seguros Bolivar, ESSO, IBM de Colombia, Siemens Col S.
Icasa has awarded a pay TV license to Super5Media, formerly Telkom Media, which is expected to enter the pay TV arena later this year.
When asked about organizational goals and their job duties, most ICASA member organization workers stated that they sought to meet the needs of survivors of sexual assault, particularly through counseling and legal or medical advocacy.
The Self-Protective Behaviors Measure included 21 items taken from a larger inventory created for teen female students for the ICASA project (P.
Attempts by Icasa (the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) to settle the issue by 'moral suasion'--a telecommunications industry euphemism for Thabo Mbeki's 'quiet diplomacy'--came to naught, opening the way for industry regulator Icasa's Paris Mashile to impose a like-it-or-not much-reduced interconnection rate, the long-festering sore that led to the present ruckus.
The SA telecom regulator ICASA therefore decided that the deal would need to go through an approval process from a shareholder-analysis perspective, which is separate from the Competition Commission review and approval process.
In Dakar, Senegal where the ICASA conference was held, the prevalence of HIV infection among men who have sex with men is 21% compared to less than 1% for the total population.