ICATEInternational Conference on Applied and Theoretical Electrotechnics (electricity symposium)
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These results are in stark contrast to those reported by Canfield (1988, Table 8), who ind icates that the lowest single item analysis score in his sample was 0.
A positive value ind icates a tax or a loss of income and a negative value an increase in pension wealth by working an additional year.
Twenty repl icates of each treatment were generated to predict mean recruitment on a cyclic basis (replicates were necessary because of stochasticity in CWD's snag failure and fragmentation procedures).
Although we would expect applicants with more alternatives to have greater bargaining power in the negotiation, the negative coefficient for other offers in table 2 ind icates that the other offers held by Blacks and Hispanics did not result in higher salary gains through the negotiation process.
But if one uses our twelve-item index as the dependent variable and treats age as a continuous variable (which it surely is), then an OLS regression analysis ind icates that the effect of age is significant at less than the .
Sarah Mobsby, prosecuting, told the court Best had obtained medical cer t i f icates to cover the period she was off sick Kevin Hughes, defending, said his client accepted she had commi t ted a "ver y serious" offence.
Researcher Rick Wilson, of King's Col lege Hospi ta l , London, said the true toll was likely to be higher as death cer t i f icates were of ten not "completed thoroughly".