ICATUInternational Confederation of Arab Trade Unions
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The meeting reviewed the report on the activity of the Secretariat General of the ICATU during 2010, its work plan for 2011, in addition, to a number of other reports and topics.
In turn, ICATU Secretary General Ghassan Ghosn pointed out that the ICATU has preserved the unity of the Arab workers in the framework of economic and social integration, expressing his confidence in the victory of Syria over terrorism.
Azouz said that the ICATU has come under international and regional pressure aimed at weakening its role and "silencing its voice" in support of the Arab issues in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, among other Arab countries, in the face of imperialism.
The ICATU for its part described the crime in Adra as "a cowardly act" that reflects the scale of hatred the "criminals" hold and at the same time their bankruptcy and failure in achieving their goals drawn by their Western and Zionist masters.
The ICATU said that one of the two terrorist attacks took place near the ICATU headquarters in al-Qasaa and greatly damaged its building, calling upon all international organizations and unions to condemn these terrorist attacks.
For his part, Secretary General of the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU) Ragab Maatouk said that the attempts at tampering with Syria's security and stability are clearly part of a conspiracy, saying that the ICATU supports Syria's resilience.
Meeting with ICATU members and Secretary General Rajab Matouk, Bkheitan pointed out to the union's contribution to the development process, underlining the role of Syrian workers in building society.