ICCAGIllinois Climate Change Advisory Group
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Besides ICFI, which focused on modeling emissions and economic impacts, ICCAG retained another leading consultant on climate change, the Washington D.
In July 2007, ICCAG members voted unanimously in support of nineteen strategies.
The Power/Energy Subgroup's strategies supported by the full ICCAG included (1) legislation and incentives to encourage small renewable distributed electricity generation, (2) tighter energy efficiency standards for appliances and equipment, (3) enhanced residential and commercial energy efficiency construction codes, (4) a phase-in of energy efficiency standards for light bulbs, (5) energy conservation for existing state facilities, (6) the renewable energy portfolio standard of 25 percent by 2025, and (7) enhanced energy efficiency with a 2 percent demand reduction by 2015.
Since ICCAG made this recommendation, the US Congress has increased the mileage standards for vehicles, and the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) is reconsidering California's request for a waiver that would allow both California and the other states that have adopted the California standards to implement them.