ICDIInternational Center for Disability Information
ICDIIntegrated Community Development International (Bangui, Central African Republic)
ICDIIn Circuit Debug Interface
ICDIInitiativa Pentru Cooperare Si Dezvoltare Intercomunitara (Italian: Initiative For Development, Cooperation and Intercommunication)
ICDIItalian Contract Design Industry
ICDIIntegrated Community Development Initiatives (Uganda)
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The results of the index data collection for each of the 33 ICDI items are shown in Table 1.
2013), Brazil has also obtained the lead in the ICDI (55.
Additionally, an analysis of the ICDI results was performed considering the selected control variables.
2006), companies with greater liquidity in each country reported higher degree of compliance with ICDI items (76.
In its results, the marginal effects of the ICDI can only be verified for three of the eight proxies for risk and return, as showed statistically significant relationships.
14) and significant relation with the ICDI, contrary to expectations.
For more information and to become an ICDI advocate with access to tools and support, email icdi@hhs.
From 1986 through 2000, the Canadian government (Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work) also contracted with the ICDI to provide accommodation information throughout Canada.
Individuals with disabilities and professionals in the field of disability and employment who had previous contact with ICDI staff were the respondents.
Respondents with disabilities who previously had sought ICDI services provided answers including descriptions of accommodation devices, courses of study, programs, and organizations.
I use the ICDI fund objective code to assign each fund one of three investment objectives: aggressive growth (AG), long-term growth (LG), and growth and income (GI).
During 2005, ICDI was involved in four longer-term field projects, these were: (1) the "Children in Suriname Programme"; (2) "Non-Negotiables: No to Child Labour; Yes to Education in Andhra Pradesh, India"; (3) "Building Civil Society by Strengthening the Life Skills of Institutionalised Children in Bulgaria"; and "Children and Youth as Builders of Civil Society" in Romania.