ICIFItalian Culinary Institute for Foreigners
ICIFInternational Cultural Industry Fair
ICIFInternational Communications Industries Foundation (Fairfax, VA)
ICIFInternational Conference on Information Fusion
ICIFIakov Chernikhov International Foundation (Russia)
ICIFInternational Center for Integral Formation (educational models)
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Jason Zhuang, Chairman, CEO and Executive Director of China Animation, said, "China Animation has been relentless in driving development of China's cultural industry and for the eighth consecutive years presented the Longgang China Animation as a Sub-venue event at ICIF.
In addition to Internal Environment, Control Activities, Information & Communication, and Monitoring, which are similar to the COSO ICIF components, the ERM Framework includes Objective Setting and expands the Risk Assessment component into three stand-alone components: Event Identification, Risk Assessment, and Risk Response.
Similar to the COSO ICIF, the COSO ERM Framework is geared to achieving objectives across the Operations, Reporting, and Compliance categories.
McNally is a former member of the Institute 0/Management Accountants' (IMA) global board of directors, IMA's representative on the COSO ICIF Refresh Project Advisory Council, and a member of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal Editorial Board.
This was not at the instigation of the ICIF, but rather the ambitious headmaster, who wished to compete with elite prep schools on their own turf.
The ICIF assesses intergenerational congruence across various domains and satisfaction with the parent-child relationship from the perspective of both the adolescent or young adult child (ICIF-CS) and the immigrant parent (ICIF-PS), regardless of culture of origin.
The ICIF differs from these by not being ethnic specific and, as noted earlier, by having two parallel versions allowing for a comparison of the parent's and child's perspectives (Ying et al.
The ICIF was constructed to assess the degree of parent-child agreement on values and behaviors across varying life domains (Ying et al.
These were slightly lower than those found in Chinese American college students, where the mean ICIF sum score was 23.
The first five items of ICIF were adapted from the Locke-Wallace Marital Adjustment Scale, which was developed to assess a couple's level of agreement across various life domains and predict marital satisfaction (Locke & Wallace, 1959; Locke & Williamson, 1958).
We hope that the ICIF will serve as a useful assessment tool in this endeavor.