ICIMInternetowe Centra Informacji Multimedialnej (Polish: Internet Multimedia Information Center; Katowice, Poland)
ICIMIndividual Control Intake Manifold
ICIMInteractive Computer Integrated Manufacturing (software)
ICIMIntelligent Communications Interface Module
ICIMIncharge Information Model
ICIMInstallations Corporate Information Management (US DoD)
ICIMIntegrated Continuous Improvement Methodology (Value Chain Group)
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An evaluation conducted by the IDB s Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) in December of 2012, which took into account the operations of the ICIM to date, identified a number of areas in need of improvement, both in the ICIM s Policy and operations.
Full disclosure: He served as president of ICIM and as the first physician president of IABDM.
We are especially proud to receive our certification from the ICIM," said Giuseppe D'Elia, Italy Country Manager of Upsolar.
With this taste-test of what you missed, I offer just this one piece of advice: come join us at the next ICIM meeting, in Atlanta, Georgia, March 3-6, 2016.
Sarbpreet Singh has worked for companies like Lucent Technologies, AT&T Microelectronics (now known as Agere Systems), GE & ICIM.
Through the InCharge adapter, Formula integrates the elements, alarms and relationships in InCharge's ICIM Library, as well as the cause-and-effect relationships mapped through InCharge's Codebook Correlation Technology.
He has served as president of ACAM and ICIM and was an investigator for TACT.
Chordiant's ICIM platform provides highly scalable building blocks for developing and integrating flexible CRM solutions into customers' existing enterprise-wide systems.
We have long been blessed to enjoy his strong leadership on the ICIM (International College of Integrative Medicine) scientific review board, our institutional review board, our board of directors.
This includes Chordiant's full ICIM suite; the Dialog Interaction Server which streamlines customer interactions with intelligent services to boost Web completion rates; and Chordiant Marketing Director, which powers complex relationship marketing campaigns across all online and offline channels.
ICIM doctors often contribute articles to the Townsend Letter.