ICIPInternational Conference on Image Processing
ICIPInternational Conference on Information Processing
ICIPIndustrial and Commercial Incentive Program (tax rebate; New York)
ICIPIndigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property
ICIPIndustry Cooperative Innovation Program (Australian government)
ICIPInfrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (New Mexico)
ICIPIndonesian Cleaner Industrial Production (Program)
ICIPInterexchange Carrier Interface Protocol (ATM)
ICIPI Come in Peace
ICIPInstitut Canadien pour Les Innovation En Photonique
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Oncology Venture, the drug development unit of MPI and Lantern Pharma, have received an ICIP grant worth USD800,000 to support the partnership of Medical Prognosis Institute A/S, it was reported on Friday.
In Proceedings of the IEEE 17th International Conference on Image Processing ICIP, Hong Kong, pp.
The question of how best to protect and manage Indigenous knowledge, and its relationship to both Western intellectual property regimes and to the concept of ICIP, is a central theme throughout many of the contributions to this volume.
Mathur said the ICIP ( IntelliVue Clinical Information Portfolio) of the system would enable doctors to get an error-free auto-charting of patient details without any information gap.
The next ICIP evening course at the GII starts on January 11.
Using Expert Filter Tokens For Syllabus Based Web Content Extractor, presented for ICIP 2007-International Conference on Information Processing, and published in proceedings of ICIP-2007.
Content-based Image Retrieval With Relevance Feedback in MARS", ICIP,1997, pp.
The subject of the public contract must be compatible with the central electronic information technologies used in the Motol University Hospital - UNIS, ICIP ( "Intelli Space Critical Care and Anesthezia" from the manufacturer Philips).
Proceedings --International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP, p.
Built in 2008, the 56,050 s/f property has a 15-year 421-a tax abatement in place, as well as a 25-year ICIP tax abatement.
The cultural and intellectual property sections in the Guidelines were amended to present a clearer and more detailed outline of the relationships between intellectual property rights (IPRs), ICIP and Indigenous knowledge.
Selected for ICIP 2007, International Conference on Information Processing.