ICIPEInternational Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology
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Furthermore, the ICIPE and KEMRI trained two PhD and five MSc students as well as four interns (postgraduate diploma in health research methodology) within the project.
ICIPE (International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology).
The coffee berry borer (Hypothenemus hampei), the most important pest of coffee worldwide, has already benefited from the temperature rise in East Africa through increased damage to coffee crops," said Jaramillo, a Colombian scientist currently working on the Nairobi-based ICIPE.
ICIPE scientists have developed what they call a "push-pull" strategy for dealing with the stemborer.
foundation, which has been funding the "push-pull" research, has asked ICIPE to isolate this chemical--and the related gene.
They also want to appreciate the technical services offered to them in the study by Mr Richard Rotich of ICIPE.
With the greening concept ICIPE is minimising its carbon footprint and saves a large amount of money (partial action B); with the implementation of these measures ICIPE will become a flagship institution.
This focus on arthropod science makes ICIPE unique among international research centres.
Distribution: Nyanza: Ungoye, ICIPE Field Station, 00.
Copeland (NMKE); Nairobi, ICIPE Research Station, 01[degrees]17'S:36[degrees]49'E, 24.
ICIPE is also training 35 medical entomologists, 15 at PhD and 20 at Masters level, from Kenya, Cameroon, Rwanda and Uganda.
For some reason which not even Githure understands as yet, skin bacteria around the ankles produces a smell that is attractive to the mosquito and the ICIPE is working on synthesising it and using the chemical to bait mosquito traps to lure mosquitoes away from villages.