ICLASInternational Council for Laboratory Animal Science
ICLASIBM Classroom LAN Administration System
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The MVPI - ICLAS presentation in Atlanta featured Baseball Hall of Fame members Reggie Jackson, Steve Carlton, Orlando Cepeda; Retired Football Stars Len Dawson, Archie Manning, Herschel Walker and 1998 All Pro Quarterback, Vinny Testaverde; Legendary Heavyweight Champion Joe Frazier; 1999 Indy Car Rookie of the Year Robbie McGhee; and the renowned WWF Female Wrestler, Playboy Cover Girl Rena Mero, "formerly known as SABLE".
Scholar can use Novell (or other LAN) connectivity options, install automatically on an ICLAS menu system, or use hardwired connections between workstations and the central server.
Nasdaq: NOVL) ICLAS network student management software used predominately on Windows networks.
OPTI-NET is fully compatible with Novell [R] networks, other Net-BIOS [R] networks, and the IBM [R] ICLAS classroom administration program.
The district currently has creative writing, desktop publishing and a variety of teacher tools running under ICLAS.