ICLDInternational Conference on Land Degradation
ICLDInternational Course on Land Drainage
ICLDInter-Channel Level Difference
ICLDInstitute for Curriculum and Learning Development
ICLDInteragency Committee on Learning Disabilities (Canada)
ICLDInternational Commission on Large Dams
ICLDInternational Center for Leadership Development
ICLDit.comp.lang.delphi (newsgroup)
ICLDIsolinear Computer Library Database
ICLDInstitute for Career and Leisure Development
ICLDInterlab Cell Line Database
ICLDInterfaculty Committee for Laboratory Development (American University of Beirut)
ICLDInternational Christian Literature Distributors, Inc.
ICLDInternational Center for Law in Development (New York, NY)
ICLDInstitut Cardijn-Lorraine Differt (Belgium)
ICLDIndian Council for Learning Disability
ICLDIFOSS Certified LAMP Developer (Institute for Free Open Source Software)
ICLDImage Cash Letter Difference (US Federal Reserve Bank)
ICLDInternational Center of Local Democracy (Sweden)
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Under the contract, ICLD will be offering all management, administrative, and technical support services for the Navy s ECATTS training, a web-based environmental awareness training system which is used to support Naval activities across the world.
The IUSS, Tutzing Conference, ICLD, and IUCN are far from the only
LEGAL FRAMEWORKS, supra note 9, at 6 (noting that the ICLD series arose
ICLD workers were going to the public prosecution office in an attempt to file a complaint against the government demanding that workers be granted the health insurance benefits that have accrued in the nine years since they were appointed.
Lawyer Haitham El-Mohamedain told Daily News Egypt that ICLD workers blocked one of Cairo's most congested roads - Qasr El-Eini Street - before being forced back inside the cordon of security forces.
The decree was issued only after a series of protests staged by ICLD workers outside parliament and the Cairo's Cabinet Office.
Clashes broke out Thursday between protesting ICLD workers and riot police who have imposed a tight security cordon around them.
During the nine years the majority of the 32,000 ICLD workers have been employed, they have been repeatedly promised that they would be made permanent employees and receive pay increases and health and pension benefits.
CTUWS said that ICLD workers broke up their September protest after being promised that the difference between their August, September and October salaries (which were paid at the old rates) - as well as their salaries at the new rate - would be paid to them in October, which has not happened.
In August ICLD workers discovered that their salaries had not been increased, prompting some of them to refuse to pick up their pay, as well as a protest outside the Ministry of Local Development during Ramadan.
The government created these centers to address poverty and so on but it doesn't even solve the problems of ICLD workers," said Khaled, an ICLD employee from Alexandria.
ICLD worker Abdel-Meneim Sharaf Eddin wrote on his blog that workers will not collect their July and August salaries because they have not been increased to the figures agreed on in May following a protest ICLD workers led outside the People's Assembly.