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ICONZInternet Company of New Zealand
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Another New Zealand service provider, ICONZ, has been in the data centre business for nearly as long and, according to Roly Smoldon, has been offering an IaaS service for more than four years.
ICONZ is best-known as an Internet service provider (ISP).
In some cases companies are turning to ICONZ to host a specific project or to replace dying hardware.
ICONZ is adapting the innovative potential and flexibility of the cloud to do "more things differently; providing more services to different parts of the market".
However, a new satellite service using Thailand's Shin Satellite and soon to be on-sold by Telecom, ICONZ and others, will provide downlink speeds of up to five Mbps and uplink speeds of around one Mbps.
For example, future Shin satellite service provider ICONZ says a business running five Mbps of data traffic continuously over Shin will pay around $5000 per month.