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ICPInternet Communications Protocol
ICPInductively Coupled Plasma
ICPInnovations in Civic Participation (Washington, DC)
ICPIntracranial Pressure
ICPInternational Company Profile
ICPInstitut Catholique de Paris (French: Catholic Institute of Paris; France)
ICPIncident Command Post
ICPInternet Cache Protocol (RFC 2186)
ICPIntegrated Communications Provider (Netcom)
ICPIterative Closest Point (image processing and pattern recognition)
ICPInternational Center for Photography
ICPIntegrated Care Pathway (UK NHS)
ICPInductive Coupled Plasma (less common)
ICPInventory Control Point
ICPInstituto das Comunicações de Portugal
ICPIntrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy
ICPIn-Circuit Programming (printed circuit boards)
ICPInfrastructure à clés Publiques (French: public key infrastructure)
ICPIraqi Communist Party
ICPIdaho Cleanup Project (Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory)
ICPIncentive Compensation Plan
ICPInner City Posse (original name of band Insane Clown Posse)
ICPInfection Control Professional
ICPIntegrated Contingency Plan
ICPIslamic Committee for Palestine
ICPInternational Council of Psychologists
ICPIntel Celeron Processor
ICPInternal Control Program
ICPIncident Control Point (crisis management)
ICPInstitutional Conservation Program
ICPIntegrated Circuit Piezoelectric
ICPIndonesia Crude Price
ICPintervención coronaria percutánea (Spanish: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention)
ICPInter Cache Protocol
ICPInstitutional Care Program (Medicaid)
ICPInjection Control Pressure
ICPIndustrial Control Panel
ICPInternet Control Protocol
ICPIndependent Competent Person (assessment service; UK)
ICPIntelligent Call Processing (Apex)
ICPIndependent Content Provider (web)
ICPIntelligent Computer Peripherals
ICPInfrastructure Canada Program
ICPIntegrated Channel Processor
ICPInstallation Control Point
ICPInterprocess Communications Protocol
ICPIntegrated Core Processor
ICPInvestment Choice Plan
ICPIMA Control Protocol
ICPInformed Compliance Publication (US Customs)
ICPIntercuspal Position (orthodontics)
ICPIrish Council for Psychotherapy
ICPInternational Cooperative Programs
ICPIntermittent Catheterization Program
ICPIntegrated Chemistry-Physics
ICPInterface Change Proposal
ICPIntelligent Communication Protocol
ICPInfinite Cat Project (website)
ICPIntegrated Circuit Package
ICPIntegrated Case Processing
ICPInternational Custom Products Inc.
ICPIntelligence Campaign Plan (US DoD)
ICPCholestasis, Intrahepatic, of Pregnancy
ICPInterim Change Package
ICPIntelligent Communications Processor
ICPInstrument Calibration Procedure (US Navy)
ICPInterface Control Panel
ICPIntertheater COMSEC Package
ICPInteruniversity Cooperation Programme
ICPInfrared Communications Port
ICPIncremental Change Package
ICPIntracavernous Pharmacotherapy (impotence treatment)
ICPImage Capture Processor
ICPIntelligence Collection Program
ICPInitial Change Proposal
ICPIntramural Call for Proposal
ICPIndicator Control Panel
ICPInternal Communications Processor
ICPImmuno-Compromised Patient
ICPItem Control Point
ICPInfrastructure Capability Package
ICPIraqi Civilian Police
ICPInteroperability Change Proposal
ICPIndependent Contract Paralegal
ICPIntensive Coaching Program
ICPInstitutionalized Children's Program (Pennsylvania Department of Education)
ICPInternational Conference Process
ICPIsotropic Cold Plasma
ICPIntrusion Countermeasure Program (Tron game)
ICPInterim Change Proposal
ICPInter-Domain Control Plane (Lucent)
ICPInterface and Controls Processor
ICPIrish Car Parks
ICPInput Cost Plan
ICPInteroffice Circuit Provisioning (Bellcore)
ICPISDN Call Pickup (Bellcore)
ICPIssue Control Point
ICPIntegrated Control Processor
ICPInter-Carrier Protocol
ICPInternet Communications Provider(s)
ICPIrish Carton Printers
ICPInstrument Control Parameter
ICPIndigenous Cadetship Program (Australia)
ICPInternational Comfort Products (La Vergne, TN)
ICPInjury Compensation Program (US DoD)
ICPInitial Circulating Pressure (oil engineering)
ICPInterlocking Concrete Pavement
ICPInclusive Curriculum Project (UK)
ICPInternal Control Procedure
ICPInsurance Claims Processing
ICPImpossible Creatures Planet (game)
ICPInfection Control and Prevention
ICPInternational Capital Partners
ICPInternet Content Provider
ICPInsane Clown Posse (band)
ICPInternational Collaborative Project (various organizations)
ICPInformation Content Provider
ICPInformed Consent Process (health care)
ICPIndividual Care Plan (health care)
ICPInternational Criminal Police (est. 1923; also seen as INTERPOL)
ICPIP (Internet Protocol) Communications Platform
ICPIntegrated Communications Platform
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It also extends ICP Construction's manufacturing and distribution capabilities to Arizona and the West Coast, better supporting existing customers in those geographies.
Nurses relying on the use of ICP measurements via EVDs as part of their assessments should consider developing and implementing protocols that call for at least 10 continuous minutes of EVD clamping; safety thresholds should be included in such protocols, as was performed in the current study.
The ICP program is only beginning but has already had an impact in Texas, where its protocols are used in the innovative Texas PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program called "PACE in a Box.
In his last visit to the ICP as Governor General of Pakistan in 1948, the Father of the Nation acknowledged the services of the College's students towards making of Pakistan in these words I am indeed very happy to be present here today and to have the privilege of addressing the students of this great Darul Uloom, who are the future builders of Pakistan.
The transient shear and elongational rheology data for the modified ICP was fitted with the single equation extended Pom-Pom (XPP) [37] constitutive equation given as:
Cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) is the calculated difference between the mean arterial pressure (MAP) and the ICP.
The ICP is envisaged to discharge sovereign functions of security checking, immigration, customs and quarantine apart from providing facilities for smooth cross-border movement of persons, goods and transport.
Four hundred and seventy-seven patients were included in the study (ICP monitoring=52, no ICP monitoring=425).
Unfortunately, ICP can't be precisely estimated from any specific clinical feature and must actually be measured.
Even when outfitted with an axial torch, which produces 5 to 10 times lower detection limits than traditional radial ICP, ICP-OES still lacks the precision of ICP-MS.
ICP compounds are less expensive than carbon-fiber compounds and reportedly offer better electrical, mechanical, and flow properties.