ICRARInternational Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (Perth, Australia)
ICRARInternational Consortium of Robotic Astronomical Researchers
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We're very fortunate to have such a great example of a starburst galaxy in our own cosmic backyard-it's like having a galaxy-sized laboratory on hand to conduct experiments and test our theories," Anna Kapinska, from the University of Western Australia and the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, said in a statement Monday on the ICRAR website.
Vlad Tudor, also from the Curtin University node of ICRAR, said in the statement: "Much like a spinning top as you pull the string from around its middle to make it go - but this theory doesn't explain everything we're seeing here, so our best current explanation is that we're dealing with a white dwarf in extremely close proximity to a black hole.
Giovanna Zanardo of ICRAR, a joint venture of Curtin University and The University of Western Australia in Perth.
Strangulation occurs when the gas is consumed to make stars faster than it's being replenished, so the galaxy starves to death," Toby Brown, a PhD candidate at ICRAR and Swinburne University of Technology and lead author of a new study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, explained in a (http://www.
ICRAR is a joint venture between Curtin University and The University of Western Australia providing research excellence in the field of radio astronomy.