ICRBIndiana Compensation Rating Bureau (insurance)
ICRBInternational Classification of Retinoblastoma (oncology)
ICRBInternal Civil Rights Branch
ICRBInternal Change Review Board
ICRBIntercultural Resource Bureau (Internet company)
ICRBImmune Complex Red Cell Binding
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Treatment strategy based on laterality and retinoblastoma grouping (18), (91) ICRB Prognosis Unilateral Bilateral A Usually eradicated Focal therapy Same by treatment.
The ICRB was therefore envisaged as broader and more inclusive than established bodies such as UNSCEAR, the International Committee for Radiation Protection (ICRP), and the IAEA, and as a forum where all views could be debated in a rational way and mistrust lessened.
16,17) Kemoreduksiyon, mevcut tumorun (grup B-D ICRB tumorler) fokal tedaviler ile kontrol edilebilecek boyuta getirilmesi anlamina gelmektedir.