ICRGInternational Country Risk Guide
ICRGInternational Cooperation Review Group (Financial Action Task Force)
ICRGImpact Cratering Research Group (astronomy)
ICRGIndustrial Control Research Group (Kingston University; UK)
ICRGIntelligent Computing Research Group (Australia)
ICRGIslamic Culture Research Group (Chiba University; Japan)
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I construct an equivalent measure for local macroeconomic conditions using the combined ICRG ratings for economic and financial risk.
Since ICRG data is only available to us until the year of 2012, all estimation periods end in 2012.
2007) therefore, the ICRG measures are used one at time with the traditional FDI location determinants to avoid the possibility of multicollinearity (Biswas, 2002; Busse & Hefeker, 2007).
Data from the ICRG index are used to test this corollary.
To note, since ICRG index often becomes available only since 1984, to ensure that we cover here at least four (8-year) periods since the 1980-1987 period, we extrapolate the oldest available figure to 1980, by assuming that governance level did not change over the first few years.
168) The ICRG process is an excellent example of "this play of quantification, this circulation of plus and minus points, [by which] the disciplinary apparatuses hierarchized the 'good' and 'bad' subjects in relation to one another.
Considerados esses objetivos, pontos equivalentes entre a pre-selecao para analises de casos do CAF--o Screening Process--(CPR 2005, 6) e as variaveis compreendidas no ICRG se encontram na Tabela 3.
The institutional indicators taken from the ICRG dataset are those for (1) bureaucratic quality, (2) corruption, (3) law and order, (4) ethnic tension, (5) external conflict, (6) internal conflict, (7) government stability, (8) investment profile, and (9) socioeconomic conditions.
Hence, cc and the ICRG measure could be potentially very different--the correlation coefficient between cc and the ICRG index is 0.
This middle corruption level can be seen in the fragment of PRS Group ICRG, Corruption Index; Transparency International Corruption Perception Index; World Bank Institute and Heritage Foundation indexes.
as ICRG defines things) than the UK and is significantly less
The ICRG said it could wreak havoc on Israel by crashing every flying aircraft in Israel, but avoided doing so as ordered by Islam, implying that the Al-Qaeda or anyone else who caused the 9/11 attack were neither Muslims nor acting upon Koran and Islamic teachings.