ICROInternational Cell Research Organization (UNESCO; Paris, France)
ICROIslamic Culture and Relations Organization (Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance; Iran)
ICROIrish Cave Rescue Organisation (Ireland)
ICROInternational Congress on the Recorder Orchestra
ICROInternational Clinical Research Organisation (Novartis International)
ICROIntelligent Church Resources Online
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Rescue wardens determined their car was still in place and initiated a national call-out of ICRO team members.
This is the first time that the ICRO is publishing 8 volumes in a year in its 20-year-long presence in Serbia.
The Awakening World Awards will be held in the fields of cartoons, poster design and photography, ICRO Director Mohammad Baqer Khorramshad said during a press conference, Tehran Times reported.
A delegation of Egyptian women are scheduled to visit Iran in the next few months to exchange views on the Islamic Awakening in the region, specially in Egypt, and discuss the capabilities and potentials of Iranian women," Sediqeh Hejazi, the ICRO advisor for women affairs, told FNA.