ICZInternational Congress of Zookeepers
ICZIce Cap Zone (Sonic 3 and Knuckles level)
ICZInitial Contact Zone
ICZInfras Consultants Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)
ICZInner Collagenous Zone (ophthalmology)
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OPC is a common infection caused for different Candida spp in immunocompromised patients usually wearing dentures, being FCZ, ICZ or AMB the antifungal drugs of choice for its treatment (Mang et al.
krusefi (b) ATCC 6258 Antifungal drugs AMB FCZ ICZ Candida spp MIC int MIC int MIC int C.
Antifungal drugs (FCZ, ICZ and AMB) showed similar MICs under L+P+ or L-P+ conditions (data not shown).
The packages contain scrupulously produced publications made under the auspices of the institute, such as ICZ Phylliidae Studies, 2009, which focuses on "walking leaves," an ancient family of insects whose bodies precisely resemble bits of foliage, and The Whiteness of a Whale, 2010, the results of research into purported sightings of a rare cetacean near the Japanese city of Omishima.
Zhao started the ICZ while at Camherwell in 2008--though the institute's website (criticalzoolo gists.
The theophylline along with ICZ and Dexamethazone produced less caffeine than the control theophylline.
have failed to take into account the existence and possible counteractive effects of both dietary and environmental antiestrogens" -- such as the ICZ they studied.
If you would like to receive a copy of the prospectus for ICZ, please visit the American Stock Exchange website at http://www.
Baltimore Technologies (London: BLM), a global leader in e-security, in association with TrustedWorld(TM) partner ICZ, today announced that Ceska Posta, the Czech Post, has deployed Baltimore UniCERT(TM) to secure the new trust services which will be delivered by PostSignum, the Czech Post's recently established Commercial Certificate Authority (CA).
Based on clients' needs and requirements, the ICZ team of specialists finds and implements optimum solutions, meeting the clients' needs while providing a stable, long-term and open service.
ICZ is one of the leaders in the Czech IT sector, with significant activities in the areas of public administration, healthcare, telecommunications, finance, industry and energy.
The under review status reflects the uncertainty regarding Cotswold's overall financial condition given its evolving business strategy and the fact that year-end 2011 audited financial statements of ICZ and its operating subsidiaries have not been filed.