ICoMMInternational Census of Marine Microbes
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The Icomm data also shows that Wales-based SMEs that use tape back-up could be wasting as much as 61 hours a year on managing their back-up systems.
ICOMM will bring the technology providers and it will be a platform to promote local manufacturing of handsets.
Since its release in March, some 1,300 people have downloaded iComm.
Customer premises equipment and subscriber units will be supplied by ICOMM, along with deployment and project management services.
iComm 2009 will also showcase the new solution Avaya Aura among other emerging technology solutions and trends in customer service for enterprises across verticals.
Under the terms of the contract, Icomm is to upgrade NASUWT'S national IT network, including the union's head office in Rednall, Birmingham.
iComm is a direct selection and symbolic communicator program designed for use by pre-speech toddlers or children with communication or speech disabilities or autism.
Utilizing the Cisco VSAT Network Module, Spacenet provides services for the Cisco iComm, an all-in-one instant and mobile communications system.
Greeted by Peter Robbins, managing director, the Lord Mayor, pictured, took part in a workshop and toured the business's headquarters, which also house sister companies Icomm Technologies and Probrand.
Icomm services a wide range of companies throughout the UK.
45 million) into India-based Icomm Telecommunications Ltd.
I may not have to feel so guilty about treating myself to a few little purchases here and there, as the company I have been working with for the last seven months, Icomm Technologies, has just given me a promotion.