IDALInternational Decorative Artisans League
IDALInvestment Development Authority of Lebanon
IDALIllinois Digital Academic Library (Springfield, IL)
IDALIntegrated Defense Avionics Laboratory
IDALIndustrias De Alimentacc Lda (Portuguese company)
IDALInjet Digital Aerosols Limited (drug delivery systems; Australia)
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I would also like to thank IDAL, Alpha and Touch, because this work is very important for Lebanon's youth and all Lebanese people," Hariri said, according to a statement.
According to recent real estate industry figures in Lebanon, the total number of building licenses issued increased by 19 per cent during the period January to August 2009 compared with the same period last year, the IDAL official said.
Built by the IDAL itself at a cost of some $50 million, the DEES continues to play a role in RWR evolution, as the simulator is updated on a monthly basis in response to new intelligence data about threat emitters.
Summary: Head of IDAL Nabil Itani said Tuesday that Lebanon was the only country in the region which recorded a positive growth in foreign direct investments in 2016 despite the political vacuum at that time.
The IDAL boss said that real estate demand for business, investment and residential use has also sharply increased, resulting in new investment opportunities in infrastructure, business spaces, and shopping centres.
This is the second time she has been invited to speak to IDAL.
When Mary and her government/industry co-workers in the IDAL coax everything to talk real-time, it makes Barry McDermott a happy man.
The meeting was attended by IDAL President Nabil Itani as well as ministers and senior officials.
Separately, Aoun phone called head of IDAL Nabil Itani and reviewed with him the reasons behind the non-return of Lebanese trucks from the Gulf, knowing that such trucks have already transported Lebanese fruits and vegetables via ships.
IDAL is to oversee the upgrading of 44 existing industrial zones scattered throughout the country and the building of 15 new zones which will be financed by the government.
Itani stressed that despite the drop in the size of FDI over the past few years, IDAL continued to process and evaluate new projects submitted by Lebanese companies, although at slower pace than in the past.