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IDASInternational Defence and Security (various locations)
IDASITS Deployment Analysis System
IDASIntegrated Development Assessment System (Australia)
IDASIcom Digital Advanced System (radio system)
IDASInteractive Defensive Avionics System
IDASInitial D Arcade Stage (game)
IDASIntegrated Data Acquisition System
IDASIntegrated Design Automation System
IDASIntegrated Defensive Avionics System
IDASIdentification Division Automated Services
IDASImage Data Acquisition System
IDASIntegrated Design And Assessment
IDASIntrusion Detection Alarm System
IDASIntegrated Digital Avionics System
IDASImage Display and Access Software
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The credit ratings will enable IDA to raise money in the capital markets to support its financing of a wide range of life-changing investmentsfrom the provision of clean water and energy to the creation of opportunities for refugees and response to natural disasters and health crisesin the world's 77 poorest countries.
IDAs are savings accounts whereby qualified poor are required to save a certain amount each week, (42) and these savings are matched by private organizations, including nonprofits, financial institutions, and government funding.
44) During his presidency, Bill Clinton voiced support for IDAs, as did George W.
Bernstein suggests that class dynamics and "highly skewed power relations" are likely to keep IDAs "at token levels.
The Input/Output Interface inputs the data from the four-step planning models into the IDAS software.
Chia has been serving IDA for over 25 years, and it had played the role of the deputy director-general portfolio for the past 6 years.