iDDRIntelligent Digital Disk Recorder (Thomson)
iDDRIllicit Drug Data Report (Australian Crime Commission)
iDDRInternational Day for Disaster Reduction
iDDRInformatik in der DDR
iDDRInforme de Despeas Realizadas (Portuguese: Report of Expenditures Made; Brazil)
iDDRIn Dark Decorum Radio (online streaming radio)
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13 each year as the date to celebrate the IDDR, it said.
Last year, the IDDR recognized the role older people play in DRR-related activities.
In Figure 3, the IDDR curve lies well above the IDR, EDR and IEDR curve for all.
In Figure 5, the IDDR curve lies well above the IDR, EDR and IEDR curve for all.
IDDR identifies Valid features that are specific to the given review domain and also specifies the most important features in the both domain.
For future work, (1) Consider more than two domains and perform IDDR feature extraction mechanism with improved accuracy.
The observance of IDDR is seen as a way of promoting a global culture of disaster reduction, including disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness, started in 1989, with the approval of the UN General Assembly.
The International theme for IDDR 2012, 'Women and Girls -The [In] visible Force of Resilience', draws attention to the fact that women's contributions to protect and rebuild their communities before and after disasters are often unrecognized.
The 2013 theme for the IDDR is part of a Step Up initiative started in 2011.
This year the focus of the IDDR is on some one billion people around the world, who live with some form of disability.
IDDR 2013 intends to switch on and amplify this critical issue of including the needs of persons living with disabilities now and for the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction.