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IDENTAutomated Biometrics Identification System (law enforcement)
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An ident is a short clip (motion graphics) that touches your audience and communicates your message directly or indirectly to them.
Ident provides real time aerial intelligence, surveillance, mapping and monitoring services for government, local municipalities, utility companies and other commercial accounts.
Some things a controller is required to pass on to aircraft and the mass ident lets him see that was accomplished.
O que acontece e que a restricao PREC somente tem papel quando a cadeia possui uma violacao da restricao Ident [nasal] (esta e uma consequencia da formalizacao das violacoes a restricoes PRECe e reforcado pela meta-restricao proposta em McCARTHY, 2007).
Local assessment of IDENT means that in a correspondence chain, as in candidates (21d) and (21e) where there are more than two corresponding segments, IDENT-O is evaluated independently for each local pair.
The other idents were filmed in the UK, locations including a housing estate in London and the beach in Borth.
Rowoco entered the cookie stamp segment in 1996, seeing it as "an area that we could bring design, our heritage and understanding about baking [it's parent company being Wilton] to a family-based activity," said Eric Erwin, vice pres- ident and general manager at Rowoco.
Viewers of Made in Teesside could see their faces emblazoned across their television screen with the Station's first ever Ident 'Facebox' competition.
The ac ac a cused na na n ti t onal Pr Pr P es e ident inau a guration.
P re s ident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stressed he was ready to resume negotiations with the powers trying to curb Iran's program - the permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany.