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IDESIndustrial Design
IDESIllinois Department of Employment Security
IDESInstitute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport
IDESIntrusion Detection Expert System (IT security, informatics)
IDESInstituto de Estudios Superiores (Spanish: Institute of Superior Studies; Argentina)
IDESIntegrated Disability Evaluation System (US DoD)
IDESItem Description
IDESInternet Demonstration and Evaluation System
IDESInteractive Drawing Editing Station
IDESInstituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social (Spanish: Institute of Economic and Social Development; Argentina)
IDESInternational Demonstration and Education System
IDESInternet Data Expansion System (various locations)
IDESInternational Disaster Emergency Services
IDESInstitut d'Estudis de la Seguretat (Spain)
IDESInstitut d'Education Sensorielle (French)
IDESInstitut d'Education Sensorielle (French: Institute of Sensory Education)
IDESInformation Dokumentation Erziehung Schweiz (German: Information Documentation Education Swisse)
IDESInstituto Direito e Sociedade (Portugese)
IDESIrmandade do Divino Espirito Santo (Portugese: Brotherhood of the Divine Holy Spirit; San Jose, California)
IDESIntegrated Design Engineering Systems (Laramie, Wyoming, USA)
IDESIntegrated Debris Evolution Suite
IDESInternet Data Entry System
IDESInternational Documentation and Evaluation System
IDESInternational Data Entry Services (India)
IDESIntegrated Discrete-Events Systems
IDESIntruder Detection and Electrical Services (UK)
IDESInteractive Drawing-Editing Station
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IDES will not use email or other electronic communication to seek personal or banking information.
Ide attributed the popularity of ringtones to the ease with which customers can be invoiced (via monthly mobile phone bills) and the fact that younger music fans may not have access to a computer or credit card, but almost certainly have a mobile phone.
M-Systems' IDE and SCSI product line are state-of-the-art solid-state flash disks, which are designed as drop-in replacements for 3.
The controller serves another function in that it becomes the bridge from IDE disk drives to the desired Fibre Channel host interface.
Recently, FDA gave approval for an IDE study of silicone gel-filled implants for augmentation, reconstruction, and revision (replacement), for a limited number of women at a limited number of sites, to be conducted by one manufacturer, McGhan Medical Corporation.
The heart of the MULTI IDE is a source-level debugger that supports process- and system-level debug.
IDE RAID is needed anywhere a low-cost solution is desired that provides high performance and data protection.
This makes it a natural fit for ActiveState's powerful new IDE, Komodo," said Mitchell Baker, chief lizard wrangler at mozilla.
The bundling of ThreadX RTOS with the Green Hills MULTI IDE and its support for the ARM7TDMI processor was exactly what we needed," said David Boyle, manager of new product engineering at Pulmonetic Systems.