IDHCISDC (Israel Social Sciences Data Center) Data Holding Catalog
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The rate of planned C sections was higher in the IDHC center (Pearson Chi-square=28.
More than half of the women had not received treatment before pregnancy in NIID, while in IDHC more than one third had received at least 3 regimens before pregnancy (Table 2).
In the IDHC group more patients received antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy: 83.
Efavirenz was not used during pregnancy in the IDHC group and was used in only 2 cases in the NIID group.
The prematurity rate was significantly higher among NIID patients in comparison with IDHC patients.
In the NIID center the number of followed up cases is higher and the geographical area covered is larger in comparison with IDHC.
The lower rate of HIV vertical transmission and prematurity in IDHC suggests that patients attending this center can rapidly access the national PMTCT Program.
In IDHC the most frequent PI used was lopinavir, and most of the therapy combinations contained PIs.
The higher number of regimens used in studied women before pregnancy in the IDHC group and the higher number of treated women in this group suggest that most of the patients from this center were part of the former Romanian pediatric cohort, while in the NIID center there were a higher number of women diagnosed during pregnancy, part of the new wave of HIV infection associated with intravenous drug use emerging in Romania in last five years.
The analyses will contrast the IDHC with natural language samples based on number of words, composition of the vocabulary, and mean length of utterance.
Results from the IDHC will be most helpful in attesting to this fact or refuting it.