IDHWIdaho Department of Health Welfare
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Working with Danube two decades later, the IDHW team built a cohesive organization of more than 65 developers, internal stakeholders and Product Owners that collectively met each and every milestone of the "four-phase," three-year project.
From the beginning of the engagement, called "EPICS Replacement," the IDHW project team committed to the Scrum process to develop a single, coherent n-tier solution that is made up of best-in-class products.
IDHW also reports the success of the project will likely result in other Idaho State government agencies following suit for future software development projects.
From birth throughout life IDHW helps enrich and protect the lives of the people of Idaho.
Remote Operations' robust and secure platform supports the current medical transcriptionists within IDHW, while providing the State of Idaho with a convenient and secure overflow that insures turnaround times and accuracy levels are met.