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IDIOMIntrusion Detection Interchange and Operations Messages (Cisco)
IDIOMIterative Development and Implementation of an Object-Oriented Methodology
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It is precisely because such phrases are not part of the current idiom that they give distinction to the style.
Now my humble fear is that this double training, in language as well as in thought, imposes somewhat too heavy a burden upon the young, especially when, at the age of three years old, they are taken from the maternal care and taught to unlearn the old language -- except for the purpose of repeating it in the presence of their Mothers and Nurses -- and to learn the vocabulary and idiom of science.
The pronunciation, as it happens, is just what I am most at home in; if he had said my genders or my idioms there would have been some sense.
You might retort," she suggested, "that when an adult is with kindergarten children he must descend to kindergarten idioms in order to make himself intelligible.
In general it is not elegant, the more so because the authors usually follow the Latin idioms and sentence divisions instead of reshaping them into the native English style.
If your conscience," says the man with the nose, "is indisposed toward foreign idioms ye might, to please yourself, smuggle the letter into the penultimate syllable.
He had repaired it with large patches of French, with words anglicized by a process of his own, and with native idioms literally translated.
Cross-linguistically, the typology of emotion idioms can be sketched along a semantic criterion, the meaning conveyed by a verbal idiom, as a whole, and a syntactic criterion, the position occupied by the Experiencer argument in the structure of the idiom.
Akanmu's (2003) work, is not specifically on new idiom and idiomatic expressions but it has semblance of new idioms in the discussion and the examples cited.
The vision outlined in the Idiom covers every aspect of station architecture and ambience from pavement to platform.
As far as the new idiom is concerned, dialect expression is seen as a dialect variant of word present in the standard language and sometimes used consciously for entertainment.
IDIOM has partnered with Trisotech to build the world's first fully-automated Decision-as-a-Service (DaaS) for DMN models that conform to OMG's Decision Model and Notation Standard (DMN)," says Mark Norton, CEO at IDIOM.