IDIPIntruder Detection and Isolation Protocol (computer security)
IDIPIntoxicated Driver Intervention Program (Wisconsin)
IDIPIntelligence Data Input Package
IDIPInternational Developers Information Pack
IDIPInterim Digital Interface for Ptarmigan
IDIPImmunofluorescence Digital Image Processing (medical technology)
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To deploy the IDIP model, it is necessary to use technology.
Implementation --Identifying --Audience is not of RM concepts audience and identified by the IDIP network in which --There is no separation model it is present of network users (Identify, --Separation of --Interaction through Differentiate, active and Twitter Interact and committed users --There is no Personalize) --Interaction personalization of through Twitter actions in networks.
We applied the proposed method to Bistable Processor (BP), Coincidence Processor (CP) and Automatic Test and Interface Processor (ATIP) which are safety-critical subsystems of IDiPS and their information is described in Table 1.