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IDKIdent-a-Kid (child identification services)
IDKI Dont Kare
IDKIn Da Kitchen
IDKIntegration Development Kit (software)
IDKIndividual Decontamination Kit
IDKInterface Development Kit
IDKI Don't Know
IDKInternal Derangement of the Knee
IDKI Didn't Know
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For more information, visit the IDK Sistemas web site: http://www.
Cruciate ligament injuries: Out of 100 patients of IDK, 39(39%) patients had cruciate ligament tear.
In this study, we attempt to demonstrate diagnostic value of MRI in IDK including various most common injuries of knee and were results compared with the arthroscopy findings.
In our study, most common cause of IDK was meniscal tear.
Industry-leading set-top box vendors including Siemens, Amino Communications, Entone Technologies, i3 micro technology, Zhone Technologies and are supporting Myrio iDK solutions.
Myrio iDK - Value-added services and applications for new
The Myrio iDK Program provides the resources and support that set-top box vendors need to deploy the latest IPTV technologies.
Leveraging the "n"-tier open architecture of Optiva, Formation has exposed the open application layer with IDK allowing easy access for customization.
The IDK helps organizations get a customized Intra.
was easy to install and deploy and we were able to create Web pages with an AlliedSignal look and feel; however, the whole process will be much more efficient with the new component wizard and sample templates in the IDK," said Callaway.
The IDK helps organizations quickly and easily customize Intra.
The Matrix IDK becomes the core of the partners' integration, facilitating the job of creating and upgrading integrations, and contributing to MatrixOne's ability to offer an impressive and rapidly expanding list of integrations.