IDLGIndependent Directorate of Local Governance (Afghanistan)
IDLGInfinitely Fast Driven Lattice Gas (racing fuel)
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To address the difficulty in recruiting staff to work in outlying areas, the July 26, 2012, Karzai administrative reform decree required the IDLG to fill open positions in the provinces within six months, including in the ministry offices in each provincial capital.
The relationship between IARCSC and IDLG is co-dependent.
ASGP also provided capacity development support to the IDLG in developing policy, laws and regulations, and developed the capacity of Provincial Governors Offices, Provincial Councils, and municipalities to improve sub-national governance for effective and efficient public service delivery and coordination with local citizens and civil society.
Meanwhile, Mateen Beg, acting director of IDLG, says the new draft had clearly defined the monitoring role of provincial councils in order to increase accountability and transparency.
Also since they were not IDLG appointees they are not paid a salary, which, according to Majrooh, has worsened corruption in the five districts.
The IDLG was headed until early 2011 by Jelani Popal, a member of Karzai's Popolzai tribe and a close Karzai ally.
The IDLG, with advice from India and other donors, is also in the process of empowering localities to decide on development priorities by forming Community Development Councils (CDCs).
IDLG Spokesman Tawab Ghorzang said Farahi had expressed grave concern over the surge in violence against common people.
In a statement, the IDLG said it had circulated a presidential decree warning government officials in all provinces against interfering in the electoral process.
India is also helping the IDLG with its efforts to build local governance organizations, and it provides 1,000 scholarships per year for Afghans to undergo higher education in India.
While strongly condemning this incident, the IDLG wants the security organs to investigate it and bring the perpetrators to justice," a statement from the directorate said.
Addressing a meeting of ministries' spokespersons, provincial governors and police chiefs, IDLG deputy head Abdul Mateen Baig said the militants were preparing to avenge their defeat during the first round of elections.