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IDLHImmediately Dangerous to Life or Health
IDLHImminent Danger to Life and Health
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For the critical limit, half of the IDLH (immediately dangerous to life or health concentration) values are used.
the Escort ESCBA/supplied air respirator, a combination escape SCBA and supplied air respirator that offers a high level of respiratory protection in confined areas or IDLH conditions.
your work site will be considered IDLH [Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health], and they are really picky about that.
Methane: IDLH = 5,000 parts per billion (ppb) by volume; petroleum distillates: IDLH = 1,100,000 ppb.
They describe IDLH ("immediately dangerous to life or health") situations.
The mean CS concentrations and their corresponding 95% confidence intervals were all above the odor threshold, TLV-C, REL-C, and the IDLH on all three days of sampling.
The IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) level is the concentration of a nerve agent that would cause immediate or delayed permanent adverse effects after 30 minutes of unprotected exposure.