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5 Grease the idli steamer, if you have one, and fill each mould with the batter.
If you're more used to Indian foods, plain roti or idli could also work.
As reported by the Toronto Globe and Mail, McCain is Majumbar's favorite brand, and idli is the favorite family breakfast.
South Indian Restaurant: Paper, plain & set Dosa, rawa idli, upma, vermicelli baath, rasam, sambhar, tomato & green chutney, buttermilk, iddiappam, kesri baath, payassam.
Devaraj - now founder and managing director of Coimbatore-based PVG Industries, which manufactures grinders for idli and dosa batter - was a foundry manager, but not for long, as an entrepreneurial itch compelled him to stay on the lookout for opportunities.
The start-up kit comprises of Multi Cook; Idli Maker; Steamer; Boiler; Cook-n-serve (800 ml); S.
bowl 20 Kale Pulao * Pilaf traditionally made with spinach 1 bowl 327 Idli Savory cake made with black beans & rice 3-4 small 27.
My wife, meanwhile, gained great pleasure from idli sambhar - two fluffy rice cakes served with a thin, feisty lentil sauce.
The waiter poured a stream from on high into our glasses and we tucked into the fresh idli, with either searingly hot chilli sauce or cool yoghurt to counter the fire.
Aside from traditional dishes from the western Indian city of Mumbai, the restaurant also serves impeccable south Indian snack varieties such as idli, vada, dosa, masala dosa, ghee dosa, upma, uttappam, rava dosa, puri bhaji and more.
After prayers, they eat a freshly cooked breakfast of upma (spiced cream of wheat), idli (steamed patties of rice and lentil), or dosa (rice-and-lentil pancakes).