IDLPIntegrated Data Location Protocol
IDLPIntegrated Data Link Pod
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En la Tabla 1 se presentan las principales disponibilidades calculadas para las tres muestras construidas mediante el IDLP propuesto por Lopez Chavez y Strassburger Frias (1987, 1991).
Canon's uniFLOW V5, which incorporates IDLP to the entire document management chain, serves as an ideal solution to address these emerging office challenges as it empowers all areas of the business to use document-based information more efficiently.
Tabla 1: IDLP en las tres muestras comparadas IDLP IDLP 10i 10x10i 10x10i50p Voc1MaxDisp 1,000000 1,000000 1,000000 Voc2MaxDisp 0,934590 0,934590 0,954146 calle(s) 0,591980 0,591980 0,647608 .