IDNRIllinois Department of Natural Resources
IDNRIowa Department of Natural Resources
IDNRIndiana Department of Natural Resources
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To fill the knowledge gap, they conducted research at the Indiana State Library and relied heavily on the IDNR annual reports, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) records, and People, Parks, and Perceptions: A History and Appreciation of Indiana State Parks, by Glory-June Greiff.
IDNR biologists based their recommendations for seasons, regulations and quotas on those objectives, and the state DVA rate and many county DVA rates declined in response.
The IDNR operates 72 properties which are intended to provide habitat for resident and migratory waterfowl (Havera 1999).
Through prior arrangements, the IDNR received ownership and responsibility for the lake and adjacent shoreline areas from the mining company.
Unfortunately, the remarkably efficient recovery operation was not aggressively pushed by the IDNR and soon, with the crush of new sites identified through insurance borings, was it was lost in the system.
They should keep pets near them as they slowly leave the area and report sightings to the IDNR at (847) 608-3100.
Nixon and Hansen (1986) located 290 areas in 7 of the 8 IDNR Regions (Fig.
No species occur on the IDNR list of endangered, threatened, or rare plants.
In January of 2003, George Wyth Park staff met with representatives from the Iowa Geological Survey, IDNR Wildlife and Environmental Protection divisions, and conservation officers to try to solve the problem.
Resident hunters forcefully oppose this trend, says Paul Shelton, IDNR deer biologist.
For more information on hunting in Illinois, contact: IDNR, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702-1271; (212) 782-2964 of 2305.