IDPAInternational Defensive Pistol Association
IDPAIllinois Department of Public Aid
IDPAIndian Documentary Producers Association (India)
IDPAInverted Doherty Power Amplifier
IDPAInternational Dart Players Association (UK)
IDPAInternational Deaf Pilots Association
IDPAI Don't Practice Anymore
IDPAIowa Dairy Products Association
IDPAInvacare Dual Post Armrests
IDPAInstitute for Development Policy Analysis and Advocacy
IDPAInternational Development Program of Australia
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The First Coast IDPA group at Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club in Jacksonville, Florida, puts a BUG stage into every second monthly match or so, and once or twice a year will have a match where the whole thing is shot with the small handgun.
The organization itself stipulates that IDPA is a sport, not training, but many of us see training aspects in it, from the standpoint of both ingraining skills and testing tactics.
They'll hopefully like IDPA, save up and come back to buy more.
I think USPSA shooting is better training for self-defense than IDPA," Butler says, this coming from someone who won the IDPA enhanced service pistol national championship in 2006.
The pistol is a Springfield Armory XD(m) with match grade do-over by Springfield's Custom Shop, as she used an XD(m) for an IDPA match and promptly won Most Accurate Shooter.
The Winter Championships are one of the premier events in the IDPA circuit.
The other competition use of the super is in games with lighter recoil--the Steel Challenge, IDPA and, slightly bumped up, Bianchi Cup and the Handgunner Shoot-Off.
At matches from IDPA to IPSC (Production class) to "steel shoots," I'm seeing more and more Smith M & P pistols, usually in 9mm.
You've ruined IPSC, IDPA, target shooting and now you're trying to do the same to cowboy shooting.
As noted in last month's column, the moon-clip revolvers taking auto pistol cartridges, notably the 625, had so much of an advantage over guns fed with conventional speedloaders, IDPA split the "moon guns" into their own Enhanced Service Revolver (ESR) category, limiting SSR to rimmed revolver cartridges in second quarter 2005.
As part of this, we shot to evaluate the IDPA classifier.