IDPTIntegrated Design and Process Technology
IDPTInternational Donkey Protection Trust (UK)
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The IDPT consists of 22 officers sourced from around the District including the Ipswich Criminal Investigation Branch, Ipswich Child Protection and Investigation Unit, Ipswich, Goodna, Springfield and Karana Downs stations, and officers from the Ipswich District Intelligence Office.
Detective Inspector Lew Strohfeldt from Ipswich District said during the teams latest operation, Operation Mike Snowshoe, the IDPT executed eight search warrants and arrested a total of nine people on 67 charges.
Operation Mike Snowshoe closed yesterday with police from the IDPT, as well as the North Brisbane and South Brisbane District property teams, executing four search warrants in the Ipswich area and one in South Brisbane and charging five people on 30 property related offences.