IDRFInternational Dissertation Research Fellowship
IDRFIndia Development & Relief Fund
IDRFInternational Development & Relief Foundation (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)
IDRFIowa Department of Revenue and Finance
IDRFIndia Diabetes Research Foundation
IDRFIntegrated Diagnostic Research Facility
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Rastogi said he had visited projects in India funded by the IDRF and had found nothing amiss.
Narayanan Komerath, an Indian Hindu, a professor of aerospace engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the coauthor of the report defending the IDRF said he trusted the charity.
Vijay Pallod, an executive of the IDRF in Houston, said in a telephone interview that though Mathew's report "definitely has been a problem for us," it only slightly affected their fundraising.
Not all Indians are giving money to the IDRF, said Arnab Banerjee, a resident of Queens whose family regularly attends pooja (Hindu prayer service) at their local temple.
Khandelwal, who is an Indian Hindu, said the IDRF can raise money without any visible means because of the tight social networks within Hindu families, the number of retiring Indian Americans who feel a duty to give back to their homeland and the affluence of Indian Americans--the average household income nationwide is over $60,000, according to the Indian American Center for Political Awareness.
After Matthew's study was released, there were many who said that they had donated to the IDRF believing they were just helping out poor Indians.
Mathew's report was enough for some Silicon Valley companies employing large numbers of Indians and said to be funding the IDRF through employee matching donation, programs to temporarily suspend or completely end their donations.
The Maryland State Secretary's office, where all charities in the state must register, said that the IDRF had filed with them and that they had no concerns.
politicians, after the IDRF report's release, also called for an investigation, including Rep.
A drafting group of cooperatives, municipal utilities, and IOUs worked on utility-specific issues and presented preliminary results to local jurisdictions, the attorney general's office and IDRF for comments or suggestions.
The director of the IDRF and the Iowa Department of Management (IDOM) will compute the allocation of the replacement tax dollars to the local taxing jurisdictions.
Headed by the Iowa Utilities Board, in consultation with the IDRF, this study committee will issue a report that must include the results of its study, and recommendations on the following: 1) Should the tax be continued in its present form?